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SAM.bid FAQs

No.  SAM.bid is a private service that monitors SAM.gov.  SAM.gov is an official government provided website that can be accessed via www.SAM.gov

SAM.bid monitors SAM.gov using the government provided API.   Additional buyer research and augmented contact information data may be provided to SAM.bid users from isiFederal's proprietary research databases.

email is easy and universal. We are all checking email every day anyway so set up a folder just for SAM.bid. When you find something important, forward your SAM.bid details to colleagues and teaming partners.

While there are no hard limits imposed on SAM.bid users, remember that you will be getting an email every time the system matches your search.  If your system cannot handle the email volume, limits may be imposed.

SAM.bid customer support will help you develop and refine your search criteria. 

Just connect with your SAM.bid customer support specialist.  Your SAM.bid customer support specialist will help you set up your search criteria as well as provide advice on your search criteria.  You can change your search criteria at any time. 

No.  SAM.bid only monitors SAM.gov.  Our sister system QuikFuse monitors GSA eBuy opportunities.

With the optional AMP (Advanced Monitoring Platform) you can be notified when awards are posted on SAM.gov.  This is an important feature as 98% of contracts are not posted as opportunities on SAM.gov.  The SAM.bid AMP system has many powerful options so vendors can see award patterns and buyer activity.  Contact your SAM.bid customer support specialist for details.

Buyer reports provide the past 12 months of contract activity of each buyer by NAICS, PSC and the combination of NAICS and PSC. This provides the SAM.bid user with valuable insight on the contracts awarded as well as the vendors who provided those products and/or services.

Yes.  Your subscription can be modified to include buyer reports in specific NAICS / PSC / Keyword / Geographical Location etc…  isiFederal also provides competitive analysis and intelligence to support your business development efforts.

No.  SAM.bid is a monitoring tool.  All submissions must be done per the individual solicitation.  Please read the solicitations carefully when providing your bid response.

We certainly understand you may have questions.   Please feel free to connect with us by email or phone.

There are several reasons your emails may not be coming in properly.

  1. Make sure you confirmed the email you set up when you joined SAM.bid.
  2. Check your spam/junk folder.  If your notifications are in there, here are the ways to fix it”

Search criteria are set up when you created your account but you can change and add searches and delivery options at any time.

Unfortunately, no.  You must start from scratch, but it is way easier once you have it set up!

  SAM.gov logo is a registered trademark of General Services Administration DBA GSA FEDERAL AGENCY UNITED STATES, 1800 F. Street NW, Washington, DC 20006.

SAM.bid is a private company and is not affiliated or responsible for the content provided on or by www.sam.gov. Any information available on SAM.bid that direct users via hyperlink to SAM.gov solicitations, web pages, and/or additional information are provided to SAM.bid users as a service.

SAM.bid is not responsible for the accuracy of links or information provided by SAM.gov.

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