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Sample SAM.bid email notification

The magic of SAM.bid is we package the contract opportunity into an email and send the details right into your inbox – All without logging into SAM.gov. This saves time, gets you the information you need and provides a single place to decide if this contract opportunity is right for you…

Your SAM.bid notification makes it easy to quickly see the most important opportunity information including:

  • Set Asides
  • Due Date
  • PSC
  • All Agency Information
  • Related Documents
  • Contracting Officer Contact Information*

* Initial contact information is provided form SAM.gov solicitation. Additional contact information may be available from isiFederal Market Intelligence.

  SAM.gov logo is a registered trademark of General Services Administration DBA GSA FEDERAL AGENCY UNITED STATES, 1800 F. Street NW, Washington, DC 20006.

SAM.bid is a private company and is not affiliated or responsible for the content provided on or by www.sam.gov. Any information available on SAM.bid that direct users via hyperlink to SAM.gov solicitations, web pages, and/or additional information are provided to SAM.bid users as a service.

SAM.bid is not responsible for the accuracy of links or information provided by SAM.gov.

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